Toyota 2006 Scion xB Nintendo Wii Special Edition

This is sweet as I remember the origional auction when this first sold. Think you`re the ultimate Nintenfo fanboy? You could prove that if you rolled in this bad boy.

Hello there. Welcome to my auction on this ONE OF A KIND 2006 Nintendo Wii Scion xB. I originally bought this car off of Ebay a little over 4 years ago. It had 32 miles on it when it arrived to my house. This car is an amazing ride, it was completely pimped out in California by a high end store. The car originally was won by a Comedy Central fan who won the car in the Nintendo/Comedy Central Wii Car giveaway. She ended up selling it on Ebay, and I won the auction. The Car is pretty amazing, with its 5, yes 5 monitors, 2 DVD players, high end ready THX surround sound, wireless headphones, and a Nintendo Wii to boot. It also has a decked out interior and a very customized paint job(yes paint not decals, look at pictures). I bought this car for my Home Theater business, and it was rarely driven, just for shows and advertising, that is why it only has less than 26k miles on it. I did just recently put brand new tires on it, Yokohama 60k tires. It has had all of its regular maintenance on time, and the car itself runs excellent. I would love to keep the car, but with this economy and me only needing one car, it is time to sell this beauty. This car gets great gas mileage, and is very comfortable to drive. The people from the Car Customization shop in California told me that Comedy Central spent $10,000 at there store on just the customization of this ride.

Auction Here


A seller who I`ve mentioned before has a few nice Japenese lots again. These are awesome if you are a collector for the system and would like to pad out your collection with some foreign games, titles be dammed. That said, these aren`t all sports games, lots of RPGS and popular titles. If he had an XBOX one, I`d be all over it. While the prices are awesome, they do end up doubled with the overseas shipping.
Lots of 50 Super Famicom Carts – $50.00 BIN.
Lot of 57 Famicom Cartridges – $57.00 BIN.
PS1 50 Japanese Game Lot 1 – $47.00 BIN
PS1 50 Japanese Game Lot 2 – $47.00 BIN
PS2 Japanese 50 Game Lot – $74.00
Vintage Nintendo Neon Repair Center Sign


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