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Christmas Contest Day 5 & 6 Winners

Results are in!

Simply create a T-Shirt or alternative logo for gameSniped! Use your l33t photoshop skills or even scan in a doodle you made on a napkin. Best overall design wins!

First was Deniz Kah – “R.O.B Sniping” (39%, 76 Votes) with Robert Brandin – “Crosshairs” (30%, 57 Votes) coming in second.

Winner gets two T-Shirts of their choice from Split Reason – the best site for video game themed Tees! Second prize gets their choice of one.

Go here to see all the entries.

Do you have a big video game collection? Or even a small one? Is it jumbled around everywhere? Hard to find stuff? Disorganized? Well than maybe a copy of the Game Collector Software is for you!

I’m going to help you out by giving a copy away. Also, you’ll get a Lifetime Subscription to Chase The Chuckwagon.

Brian Huffman (27%, 109 Votes) pulled out the win with Otto (23%, 90 Votes) coming a close second.

Go here to see all the entries.

Winners please email to arrange details. Also, all previous winners should be receiving a message from me this week.


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