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Mario Kart 64 AM FM LED Digital Clock Radio

Nintendo Game & Watch Mickey Mouse Panorama

This is one of the rarest models of Game & Watch around. There were two different Game & Watch models produced under the name “Mickey Mouse” – the first of which was a Wide Screen model game later released in the US as “Egg”, and the second of which is the Panorama model pictured above. […]

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PSX – Namco Museum Encore Limited Box Vol.1-6 – JAPAN JP

Coke or Pepsi? The Battle Continues

First came Mario vs. Sonic. Then came Sony vs. Nintendo. But before all that came a much greater rivalry – Coke vs. Pepsi, a war that still rages today. Even video games became a battleground between the two soft drinks over the years – just look at these two items! Coca-Cola Game Gear (with Coca-Cola […]

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Nights Into Dreams Sega Saturn Advertising 3-D Lenticular Image

Kay Bee World of Nintendo Fiber Optic Store Display

I’ve seen plenty of display signs, but this is probably my favorite since I’ve started writing for GameSniped. This sign is from Nintendo’s “World of Nintendo” ad campaign circa the early 1990s, and also features the logo of the now-defunct Kay Bee (or KB) Toys. The kicker is that this is a fiber-optic sign – […]

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