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    The Digital Press shop

    As you should already know, I’ve made a trip to the USA and I’ve checked the most interesting vg shops in New York. But my mission included a trip to Clifton, NJ, to check Joe Santulli’s Digital Press shop. First I had to find Penn Station in NY. It’s just under the Madison Square Garden, […] More

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    European Odyssey system! Mega Drive protos. SNES DEV! NY shops!

    Most expensive homebrew-reproduction ever? I mean, even the original Pepsi Invader is cheaper! Game Boy Light Famitsu mail order LE This should be quite uncommon. European Odyssey This is the real deal, in great shape!!!! Mega Drive-Genesis protos the Cosmic Spacehead looks like a J-Cart but it’s violet! How cool! SNES DEV System? I bought […] More