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Nintendo Power’s Link & Epona Prototype Action Figure 497 of 500

The Last of Us – Soundtrack on USB

This is an interesting item that presents a creative way to distribute a soundtrack in a post-CD world – a mock cassette tape which folds out to reveal a USB plug is actually a flash drive containing the soundtrack for The Last of Us. Great pains have been taken to make this item look authentic, […]

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cesnintendo 2

Huge Nintendo Sign from CES

Here’s a nice big Nintendo sign from the 80’s. According to the seller, “it was hanging from the ceiling in Nintendo’s booth at the CES convention (Consumer Electronics Show, before there was an E3) back in the late 1980’s.” One day left to go with a pretty high BIN price. But you can submit your […]

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Playstation 2 Automobile White LE (1/666)

To celebrate their success of selling the PS2 console in extremely high amounts (In December 2001), Sony made 5 limited edition Playstation 2 consoles. Only 666 pieces were available of each color in each region (US – Europe – Japan) which were Super Red, Metallic Silver, Asutorasu Blue, Snow White and Light Yellow. These are […]

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Fallout 1 Soundtrack

Fallout is another series that should get a lot of buzz as the new game comes out. Older merchandise already sells for a fair amount, and I can only see that increasing in October when the new game is released. It has a rabid fanbase (of which I am a member) and there hasn’t been […]

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