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    One of a Kind Dark Souls Black Knight Statue

    Shortly before the recent release of the game Dark Souls, publisher Namco Bandai  commissioned five unique Dark Souls-themed sculptures. The sculptures were created for the purpose of serving as prizes for fans that participated in, and successfully completed, the Treasures Untold sweepstakes on the official Dark Souls website, Much like the game’s notorious […] More

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    The Old Republic Darth Malgus Life Size Figure

    Talk about hardcore.. Star Wars fans, especially The Old Republic fans (you know, that game that hasn’t been released yet..) would be delighted to know that a Darth Malgus life size statue will be available for purchase soon. This thing is going to be very VERY expensive (maybe closer to $5,000 maybe more..). There’s no […] More

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    Kotobukiya Shadow of the Colossus Statues

    Several years ago, Kotobukiya (a manufacturer of high-end, pop-culture statues) released a beautiful statue inspired by the classic game Shadow of the Colossus. The statue depicts the game’s protagonist, Wander, as he valiantly confronts the game’s first colossus. The statue has become tremendously rare and highly coveted. It seems, however, that the just released HD […] More

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    Complete Final Fantasy Chrome Set

    Right now there`s an auction up for some pretty sweet Final Fantasy figures. These chrome figures saw a pretty limited release, with only 3,000 per character. They typically tend to sell for $80.00 – $140.00 (with a few having fetched closer to $200.00 recently), so one could argue that the $3,500.00 ($150.00 each) BIN is […] More