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    Grill-Off with Ultra Hand! WiiWare

    Remember that Doc Louis’s Punch-Out! WiiWare code I mentioned awhile back? Well it sold for $44.84. There’s also another exclusive WiiWare game, this time for Club Nintendo members. It’s called Grill-Off with Ultra Hand! and costs 80 coins. Released March 31, 2010, the game features the Ultra Hand stretching out to grab cooked meats on […] More

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    Doc Louis’s Punch-Out! WiiWare

    I saw this on NA and thought it was worth a mention. Doc Louis’s Punch-Out!! is a WiiWare title that was available as a reward for 2009 Club Nintendo Platinum members in North America. Choosing it awarded you a special code via e-mail to download the game when it was made available on October 27, […] More