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    Mr. Boston Clean Sweep

    Mr. Boston Clean Sweep Game Cart & Overlay Vectrex Considered to be the 5th most expensive video game by the best top 10 ever, this is probably the rarest official Vectrex title, an unique version of Clean Sweep made by the Mr Boston liquor company for promotion. Also: NINTENDO SNES technical manual IS Nitro Emulator […] More

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    Complete Vectrex Mr. Boston

    I don’t think we’ve mentioned Mr. Boston since 2007 and our World’s Most Expensive Video Games article. The Vectrex is a somewhat obscure system, especially outside of collector circles. It’s an 8-bit video game console that was developed by Western Technologies/Smith Engineering. it has an integrated monitor which displayed vector, as opposed to raster graphics. […] More

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    Vectrex Vectorcade Controller

    From what I understand the Vectorcade was a high-quality arcade style, Digital Joystick (not analog) produced back in 2002. The custom controller apparently works extremely well and also looks amazing. No more than fifty of these were made, and each one was custom crafted to certain specifications. Each Vectorcade has serial #00-50, the owner’s name, […] More

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    World’s Most Expensive Video Games

    *NOTE: want to find up-to-date prices on your favorite classic video games from years past?  We’ll send you a complete catalog every day FOR FREE here! To a video game collector, these games are worth more than just their price tag. These are often referred to as the “Holy Grail” of collecting and are lusted […] More

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    Snazzy Shirts & Rare Games

    I have a few things in my watch list I need to clear out, so today is a Nicola Style post. Limited Edition Snow White Playstation 2 Only 5,000 of this color made for the US/Canada; painted with automotive-quality paint and a high gloss finish; brand new, and factory sealed. Very cheap with 16 hours […] More