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Play For Japan: Signed God of War Blade of Chaos

There’s still some Play For Japan Charity items being posted.

My favorite is this signed God of War Blade of Chaos.

United Cutlery, the industry leader in collectible film and game replicas, has meticulously recreated the sword from the PlayStation game, God of War. Patterned after the actual 3-D game sword design, the blade and hilt parts are crafted from solid metal with a special battle worn finish. The grip is one-piece hard-cast injection formed. The replica includes the chains that linked these blades to Kratos’ body and a custom display stand autographed by the SCEA Santa Monica Studio God of War Team. As with all United Cutlery collectibles, only the finest grade materials were used and close attention to detail and quality is a top priority.

Seller also has a GOW Artbook, Grab Bag and an awesome Satyr Statue.

This highly detailed figure was sculpted by Santa Monica Studio’s Katon Calloway from the very same high resolution files that were used to bring the in-game God of War III Satyr to life. Crafted in a small batch of less than a hundred statues only for the God of War Team, this sculpture has never been available anywhere else before. Signed by the artist himself, this is truly a rare and collectable piece of art. The statue is made from cast resin and stand at about 11 inches (including base). The statue and base come in original packaging, in like-new condition, and only opened to be signed by Katon Calloway (signature is under the base, so may not be visible while the statue is on display).

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