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Atari Lynx Slime World Prototype

Slime World in itself is a pretty decent little Lynx game and this prototype has a bunch of differences from the final retail. First thing you’ll notice is the NOT FOR SALE splash across the first title screen, and then the different title screen altogether. The title screen also displays “4 Players”, almost as though you already have 4 players linked up and are ready to play. Then when you scroll though each of the screens before selecting a game to play, you’ll notice each screen/adventure shows a different description and a different ‘name’ after it states Adventure #1. There are also other differences. When you push the OPT1 button, you get a few different options. One of them is Try Again and the other is RESTORE-Try Again. All of the levels above drop 4 characters into the game, and start you in what is known as level 4 of the Originally released game. It is very interesting to see the level is entirely intact, and the changes they have added.

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The same also has these:

Atari Lynx Prototype Poker – There’s not a whole lot of information out there on this game when it comes to ‘where’ and ‘how’ it came about. It is a very interesting game. From what has been mentioned, some of these carts were made for running a casino operation.

Prototype LotThis lot is a special lot. It contains 13 un-encrypted Atari Lynx Protos. All of these are on authentic Atari Lynx boards, and came from a known collector whom got them straight from an Atari employee back in the day. When you try to use these in a normal Atari Lynx, these carts will not work. When Atari released Protos like this, they then sent them for encryption. These did not receive that encryption, but there are plenty of ways out there to solve that issue. This lot of 13 carts is the remainder of what I bought from someone in the business a few years back. This lot has a ton of potential, especially if you know what I have been able to find within these carts. I make no guarantees on these carts, but if you know what you are doing, you should be able to find perhaps a lost gem or two, or a different version of a released game.

In the past I have found two big discoveries: I found an Unreleased Version of Super Asteroids that was a finished game… but a completely different version of gameplay. I have also found a different version of Daemonsgate which allows the use of making and creating potions and also it included a different City that had never been seen before (along with a few key plots that were not available in the version others have played). Those carts came from this great lot in the past (but are not contained in this lot). You can very easily find more gems… you just need to do the work to discover how to get to them


Boxed Japanese Vectrex – Very nice, very pricey.
Nintendo Super Famicom Mario & Wario Mouse Set
Sega Wondermega System – An all in one Megadrive and Sega CD combo. Similar to the American JVC X’Eye.
Nintendo Game Boy The Fidgetts Prototype
Tattoo Assassins Internal VHS – Tattoo Assassins was intended to be Data East’s Mortal Kombat. It never went into full production and there are only two factory built examples known to exist.
Halo 3 OSDT Armour – You know, there’s like a custom suit on eBay every week these days.
Rockstar Grand Theft Auto IV GTA 4 Official Key to Liberty City – These are still cool despite the fact the price plummeted. Issued back in 2008 by Rockstar Games exclusively to people who completed GTA IV 100% within the first week after release.
Gear of War 3 Carmine Helmet
Nintendo Collector Trophy Figure Link Fights GleeokSeller has several other vintage trophies, as well as buttons, badges and Nintendo
1995 Pokemon Blanket
E.T. Atari Game Video Store Display Mobile 1982 Sealed
Metroid Prime Phazon Suit Samus Aran F4F Statue – $
NES Pal Exclusive Devil World
SEGA Master System Third Party BETA tester Development Cartridge – These were a series of SMS Beta tester PCB’s made by a third party game development company in Germany, for use on the Sega Master system II console. Only a few hundred were sent out for testing and these here were some that were left over. You can use these for your own Game Development purposes if you’re into SMS game programming and development.
Game Boy Prototype Kwirk – Marked by the game’s original title Quirk the Chilled Tomato.
Game Boy Prototype Dragons Lair The Legend
Game Boy Prototype Bubble Ghost
NES Prototype Thunder & Lightning Romstar
NES Prototype Bad News Baseball Tecmo

Lastly, I’ve never seen this Sega Dreamcast stock. Apparently given out at the launch party of the system to well connected people in the video game industry in Japan that were at Sega’s private launch event. It was originally intended to be redeemed after one year for a gift comparable to the value of one share of Sega. According to a French collector website that the screws are 24 carat gold, but it’s unconfirmed.


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