Complete Sega Master System Collection

I’ve seen a complete Master System set sell once, roughly four or five years ago via a private sale. I honestl’y can’t remember the price was, but I’m pretty sure it was in the three to five thousand range. This auction has a chance of selling, given the $4,995.00 BIN OBO. Seems to be interest, with 29 offers so far.

Auction Here


Metal Gear Solid 1 Preorder Metal Notebook & T-Shirt – Cheap with a $35.00 BIN. At one point the notepad was selling for $70.00.
Cosmic Ark for Atari 2600 Sealed Shipping Box
Dig Dug for Atari 2600 Sealed Shipping Box

There’s also two huge NES lots on eBay at the moment both with minimal starting bids. One for 500+ games and another for 900+.

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