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    Barcode Battle Super Famicom / Famicom Lot

    The Barcode Battler II, released by Epoch in 1992, was released as a follow-up to the mildly successful original Barcode Battler. One of the major upgrades of the BBII model is that it had an output port for the Famicom and Super Famicom, allowing it to interface with Famicom or Super Famicom games designed with […] More

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    Sega New Challenge Conference Dreamcast Stock Option

    As a Dreamcast loyalist, I thought I had seen everything to Sega’s swan song console – until I saw this, a legitimate stock certificate branded a “Certificate of Dreamcast”. This is apparently a documented Sega stock option that was distributed to select members of the Japanese gaming press during their New Challenge Conference in 1999. […] More

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    Watara Supervision with 9 Games

    The Watara Supervision was an ill-fated handheld created to compete with Nintendo’s Game Boy. Due to its low refresh rate, poor viewing angle, and poorer software quality, it was a commercial failure. However, there’s a certain novelty that comes with owning a failed platform, and the bundle above is a great place to start for […] More

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    Complete Japanese Final Fantasy Collection

    Have $14,000? Well.. 15 grand actually.. You can have this one! This impressive collection spans from Final Fantasy 1 all the way upto Final Fantasy 13 including those in between which is probably more than 13 games. I actually think that Square just slaps the Final Fantasy title when they can’t think of a clever […] More

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    Square Enix Members iPod Touch Final Fantasy Promo

    Square Enix Members is a program that allows you to register the Square products you’ve purchased in exchange for points. These points add up to different tiers, which eventually, qualify you for prizes. From last years post: If you’re new to MEMBERS, here’s the deal. By registering products and participating in certain events on MEMBERS, […] More

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    Fossil Final Fantasy DeepEyes Watch

    This watch was released as a limited edition in 2001 as a promo for Final Fantasy – The Spirits Within feature film. This is a quartz analogue timepiece with a numbered caseback and housed in an intense collectible helmet casing. I’m told that of the three licensed Final Fantasy watches, this one is the rarest. […] More

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    Final Fantasy Coca Cola Christmas Special Boxset Figures

    Sweet set. Final Fantasy VII & VIII Special Collection Figure Boxset (Limited to 5,000). – Includes 36 Yellow Base Figures – A Promotional CGI Video of FFVII & FFVIII – FFVII & FFVII Coloured Booklet – Official Case for Figures – FFVII Shin-ra Corporation T-Shirt & ‘I Got Kicked By Chocobo’ Promotional T-shirt Link For […] More

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    Complete Final Fantasy Chrome Set

    Right now there`s an auction up for some pretty sweet Final Fantasy figures. These chrome figures saw a pretty limited release, with only 3,000 per character. They typically tend to sell for $80.00 – $140.00 (with a few having fetched closer to $200.00 recently), so one could argue that the $3,500.00 ($150.00 each) BIN is […] More

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    Metal Gear Solid 2 Snake Cosplay Costume

    I’m not a cosplayer myself, but I do love to rock an awesome costume on Halloween. Personally, if I wanted to go as Snake from Metal gear I would just pull a box over my head, but that’s just my preference. To go all out though, you can drop  $329.99 on this hand made costume. […] More

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    Final Fantasy 7 (VII) For The Original Nintendo NES

    Credit for this article goes to Derrick at The original NES has brought us many classic games. Super Mario, Punch Out and Legend Of Zelda are all games which spawned amazing series that are still around today. Sometime however, the same works in reverse. The ingenuity of Famicom pirate companies have brought the wonders […] More