Cheap Batteries

I needed to pick up a Panasonic Cordless Phone Battery a few weeks back, as the one in our house gave out. I ended up grabbing one from, as a friend mentioned the site to me a few months ago, when they purchased something.

Browsing around the site, I saw they have pretty cheap AA batteries (0.45 each in bulk). Now, I go through these suckers like candy, and if you’re a technogeek too, you’re probably in the same boat. Hell, I could probally power a small country with the power my Sega Nomad consumes.

Five or so years ago I remember buying a lot of bulk batteries on eBay, as they were dirt cheap and looked half decent. They weren’t. They were utter, utter crap. The kind that couldn’t keep a cd player going for even an hour. (Yes, I said CD not MP3 – It was that long ago).

Despite that fiasco, I said what the heck and threw a handful in with my phone battery. They were Rayovac brand, which is something I think I’ve used previously. I’ve been using them for a few weeks now, and I must say I’m pleased. There cheaper than grabbing my previous brand at Walmart, and there lasting just as long too.

Now obviously, there not lasting as long as the super expensive batteries on the market, but the price more than makes up for the difference.

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