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Complete Stadium Events

StadiumEventsThis has been big news for quite a while elsewhere on the internet, but I felt it worthwhile to post here. As far as licensed retail NES games go, all other cart prices tend to pale in comparison to Stadium Events. Where as the second most expensive licensed cart to acquire is Flinstones 2 (which will cost you somewhere between $150 and $200), that price is practically peanuts if you are on the lookout to snag Stadium Events which, within the past year or so, has been going for between $1200 and $1800. Mind you, this price is only for the bare cartridge, so if you’re hoping to grab a complete copy prepare to dig deep…very deep. The last known price for a complete copy to exchange hands was somewhere in the realm of $6.5k and, judging by the current bid on this auction ($8.3k with 2 days to go), that price is looking like a steal. This will be the first time in years since an auction with a CIB Stadium Events will be able to run its course since its predecessors have all ended early with side deals within the past few years. All this for what is basically World Class Track Meet with a few sprite changes and a different title screen…go figure! Grab some popcorn, because I can only imagine there will be some fun fireworks at the end. (Sold: $13,105)


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