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Eli’s Ladder Atari 2600 R10

Eli’s Ladder is an educational game aimed at children, where math problems need to be solved to help Eli and his crew climb a ladder to his space ship so they can then journey to the Moon. The game included a wall chart and stickers designed to help motivate children to progress through the problems. This is one of the rarest Atari 2600 games and apparently saw fairly limited distribution.

AtariAge has a ownership registry thread on their forum, and although it hasn’t been updated recently, it lists only eleven confirmed copies.

The game did not have a box, but came with instructions, certificate, stickers, overlay, coloring page and worksheets. In 2011 the paperwork only was sold for a whopping $2,000.00. Picture is below, and it included eveything but one sticker and the thought bubble coloring page, of which only one copy is known to exist.

Auction Here

Last cartridge sale I know of was back in 2010, and I have no idea what the price was.

(Thanks Troy!)


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