Nintendo Employee Service Pin & More

I have a few things on my watch list I want to clean out. Some are cool little things which have ended.

Nintendo employee service pin – Every year each Nintendo employees are given a token of appreciation for their hard work. Sold for $49.99.


Nintendo Gamecube Resident Evil Save Card Case – Pretty cool item. Sold for $14.99.

Nintendo Gamecube Resident Evil Save Card Case

Dragon Warrior III GB Poster – Nice looking poster, and a steal for under a buck! Looks like it came from a Nintendo Power.

DRAGON WARRIOR 3 III POSTER - Nintendo Game Boy Color

King of Fighters/Fatal Fury Hat/Cap: Signed by Falcoon!

Went to E3 a few years back, stood in a line for an hour and a half, ended up with this.

Autographed by Tatsuhiko Kanaoka, better known as “Falcoon” to the SNK faithful. He’s served as a character designer/producer for the series, best known for his work on The King of Fighters 2006/Maximum Impact 2.

The hat’s cool and all, but I’m sure there’s someone out there who’d have far more of a sentimental attachment to it that I do. If you’re out there, feel free to bid away!

Still up for sale at a $99.99 BIN.

King of Fighters Fatal Fury Hat Cap Signed by Falcoon


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