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PS1 Madden 96 Prototype & Cheap Famicom Lots

PS1 Madden 96 Prototype

This is a very nice looking disc, as in includes a nice case you don`t normally see.

This auction is for an early build of the UNRELEASED game Madden 1996. This is an early build from the publisher. This game only runs on dev kits. This is an interesting item for video game prototype collectors and playstation enthusiasts. The disc is in excellent shape and IS AN ORIGINAL, NOT A COPY. IT INCLUDES THE ORIGINAL ELECTRONIC ARTS JEWEL CASE AND IS ON AUTHENTIC EA MDEIA.

This version was NEVER released on the PlayStation. EA decided to hold off one year and have Tiburon develop Madden 1997. Visual Concepts, the developer of Madden 1996, would go on to develop some of the best football games under 2K Sports.

100% of the proceeds will go to the Michigan Tech Fund in memory of Erick Dyke. Erick was the president of n-Space and responsible for developing some of the best PlayStation titles ever. Erick passed away last November at the very young age of 41.

MADDEN 96 PS1 ALPHA DEMO BUILD Authentic version

Ton of Halo Action Figures – Cheap starting bids.
Thanks Derek!

Signed Shenmue Orchestra OST

I`m sad to admit I have actually never played Shenmue, nor have any desire to own the Orchestra OST. Still a cool item however.

Shenmue Orchestra OST signed by Takenobu Mitsuyoshi

There`s also a ton of nice Famicom and Japanese Nintendo game lots up right now. Great BINS on these and they tend to go fast. Shipping is a bit expensive, but even factoring that in, two bucks a cart ain’t bad.

50 Super Famicom Carts – $45 BIN

50 Super Famicom Carts Lot 2 – $45 BIN

50 Famicom Carts – $70 BIN

50 Japenese Gameboy Games – $70 BIN

Lot of 35 Assorted Jap. N64, Fami and Super Fami Carts – $46 BIN

famicom lot super nintendo 64

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