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Vintage Sega Sonic Team / Sonic the Hedgehog Soft Record Bag – Blue and silver soft ‘record bag’-style bag featuring the Sonic Team logo that was given to select video game journalists by Sega sometime in the 1990s. Thanks Ed!
Vintage Legend Of Zelda Gameboy Promo Foldout
Mario Kart 7 DS NFR
Legend of Zelda Syward Sword Promo Comic
NES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game Signed by Kevin Eastman – Co-creator on the Turtles and the impossible to find poster from Mirage 1988 signed w/ a head sketch. This poster came out before the game. This is the full art from the cart.
Super Mario RPG Original Sound Version (Soundtrack) – It was published in 1996 by NTT Publishing in Japan, and the seller doubts it
will be reprinted because Square Enix has their own label now, the
game music was mostly composed by somebody who worked for Square, but
game uses Nintendo characters, and the two companies had a bit of a
falling out a few years after the game was finished (Square started
developing their big name titles for the PlayStation instead of the
Blister Sealed Nintendo 64 Radio & Camera
Cheap Sega Genesis XBAND Modem Factory Sealed
Tekken 6 Panda Mini-Punching Bag
Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3DS Case – One side has the game logo and the other has the Umbrella logo, and is numbered 738/1000.
Rare Nintendo NES-101 Game Genie Adaptor by Galoob – When Nintendo released the redesigned “NES-101” model of the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1993, players who used Galoob’s Game Genie cheat device found it difficult to insert the device into the new machine’s slightly smaller cartridge slot. When they called Galoob to complain, Galoob decided to produce a special adaptor that made it easy to connect the Game Genie to the NES-101 console. A limited number of these adaptors were produced and kept on hand, to be sent for free to any Game Genie owner who contacted Galoob with an NES-101 problem.
Rare Sonic the Hedgehog Promotional Fan – Given to attendees at a Japanese trade show in 1991, prior to the release of the original Megadrive (Genesis) game. The front features the original Sonic logo along with Sega and Megadrive logos. The back includes a description of the game in Japanese, including the original game’s release date in Japan (7/26) and price (6,000 yen).
Set of 4 Nintendo Pins/Badges (Samus/Mario) – This auction includes four different lapel pins featuring the popular Nintendo characters Mario and Samus (from the Metroid series). The pins on the extreme left and on the extreme right in the first photo (one Mario and one Samus) are of the “soft enamel” variety; these pins were mass-produced and distributed as promotional items. The two pins in the center are identical to the outer two in terms of design; however, the colored areas are filled with epoxy, which gives them a smoother surface without the “cratering” effect of traditional soft enamel pins. These pins did not go into production with the epoxy fill, and these two pre-production samples may be the only surviving examples in this style. In addition to the pins, this auction also includes a tattered yellow sticky note with writing on it that says, “What does Reggie prefer? Apoxy [sic] or non-Apoxy pins?” The non-epoxy Mario pin on the right has been circled in pencil. The pins were attached to this note when they were sold at Nintendo’s annual employee “garage sale.” This is purely speculation on the part of the seller, but the evidence seems to indicate that these pins may have been shown to Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime (he was actually the company’s Executive VP of Sales and Marketing when these pins were manufactured in 2004), and that he may have indicated his preference by drawing a crude circle around one of the non-epoxy pins. Adding another layer of intrigue to this auction is the fact that Nintendo issued a recall of these pins in 2007, because they “contain lead in excess of levels permitted by U.S. government regulations concerning toys and children’s products.”
SNK Promotional Cigar Cutter
Nintendo DS Download Station 1
Mario Kart 3DS Press Kit – On Tradera, Swedish eBay. Seller has several other promos.
Nintendo 1995 Source Book Binder Folder – This 3-ring binder originally held source materials for video game retailers with information on new and upcoming Nintendo products from 1995. The cover features 2 EarthBound characters, making this part of only a handful of rare, official EarthBound merchandise! There’s also some artwork from Kid Kirby on the spine. Kid Kirby was canceled and never released, making this possibly the only official Kid Kirby merchandise!
Gameboy Color Development Disk Sealed

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