Sega Limited Edition Coca-Cola Game Gear (Japan, 1994)

This is a limited-edition version of the Game Gear portable game
system, produced by Sega in Japan during 1994 as part of a
cross-promotion with the Coca-Cola company. It includes the original
box with original inserts, plastic bags and documentation, plus the
rare “red cartridge” version of the pack-in game Coca-Cola Kid. It
also includes the original cardboard sleeve that slides over the outer

The game and the Game Gear are in excellent condition. The box is in
great shape, with only very minor shelf wear. The outer cardboard
sleeve does have visible fingerprints, which is apparently a common
problem with this particular item.

The Coca-Cola Game Gear is among the rarest and most collectible game
hardware items ever produced. It is highly sought after by both
video-game collectors and Coca-Cola memorabilia collectors. Very few
can be found outside of Japan. One has been on permanent display at
the World of Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta, Georgia.

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PSP DJ Max Portable 3 Signed Limited Edition - The game was limited to 1000 signed copies and it could only be purchased for a short time through the DJ Max Portable website. The set includes: an art book, music CDs, the game with a optional different (way better looking) cover, and the box with sleeve signed by the development team. (Thanks Donald)

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