Sunday Forum Roundup

Some interesting things for sale of several forums this week.

Complete Sets

Firstly, Jumpman Jr. is looking to either trade or sell a few complete sets. He’s got:

CIB Dreamcast collection
Near CIB Master System collection (15 or so manuals missing)
CIB Sega 32X collection
All Intellivision games, loose, missing 30-40 boxes.

He’s taking offers in them, or interesting is large lots of anything Nintendo related (Gamecube, GB, GBC, GBA, DS, ).

Thread On NintendoAge

I’m assuming he may have posted this on DP, but I haven’t seen it. Either way, I’ve dealt with him before and he’s a great guy to deal with.

Complete NES Set

User jason_971 is looking to sell his complete NES set, and is parting it out. After posting it in our forums here, it looks like he’s now turning to eBay – game by game.

I suggest you NES collectors shoot him a PM with a want list.

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