TRUE TRASH Part 2 – Super Mario Bros the “Movie”

I’ve felt the need to make another post about the best stuff videogames have defecated during the past years.

I’ve choosen a movie from 1993 with a nice cast (Bob Hoskins and Dennis Hopper among them) that made the fans unhappy and everyobody else a bit disgusted.

It’s a movie about prehistoric reptilians against unemployed plumbers.

Our beloved Mario Brothers can’t jump by their own and need mechanical boots.

Mario needs Special Shoes

The Goombas aren’t similar to the mythological enemy we all know.

OMG Mutant Goombas!

The entire plot…tries to put the well known characters inside a plausible situation.
The result is something worth collecting due to the trashiness it contains.
So, let’s see what can you actually buy on eBay!

First, get a copy of the movie. DVDs are easy to find, so buy a PAL VHS or the NTSC version.

Next step: the Original Soundtrack and a nice poster!

Another thing that big child-oriented productions always had in the past years are the stickers.
So, start by getting the sticker album and an entire sticker box!

Remember, you’re not a real fan unless you own the official movie magazine.


Repeat these words three times and nothing will happen.

Then, enjoy the action figures, made for playing not for collecting!!
Prepare yourself to make these puppets jump and interact just like if you’re 6 years old.
You have a Goomba, the evil King Koopa, Spike and Iggy.
There’s even a Mario up for auction! It has the stompers, so you can make him jump.

Please, continue your useless trip with something exotic: the collector’s film cells!

There’s another lot of 50 cels there.

If you’re like me, searching for insider’s stuff, then place a bid on the 35MM theatrical trailer and let it rot in your closet!

We have almost reached the end of this great article…
let then the last powerful items de-evolve you into a fungus!
So trashy that if you already own them…
…the next True Trash post will have to showcase your childhood.Â

Super Mario Bros. The Movie Audio Poster Pack form 1982

Story cassette, just in case you didn’t understand the movie well enough, and a 3D poster with Reptilian 3D Glasses to feel the trash in all it’s depth!

Let’s finish with my favourite, to keep in touch with Koopa’s world even during your dreams!

The pajama!

By the way, here’s the man who made the FXs for the characters.
He did a great job. Much greater than the movie itself.

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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