VZ 2000, Commando Grenade from 1986

1986 Commando / Data East Promo Real Grenade in Lucite

Nicest commemorative item ever? Made for the release of Commando for the NES.

VZ 2000

Probably one of the rarest items ever on Gamesniped. Too bad it’s over.
An ultra rare and almost legendary version of the CreatiVision: it’s a “VZ 2000”, that’s the same as Funvision and Rameses, but sold through Dick Smith.
The odd part of the story is that Dick Smith shops sold simultaneously the Wizzard, Funvision and VZ 2000 consoles, and it’s the same identical console, in different repackages. To find more infos on these obscure systems, remember to check the CreatiVEmu website.

A dear friend, NESaholic, is selling an Atari 2600 proto Oscar’s Trash Race and the Eurocon 2007 Demo

Other stuff:
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