Atari 2700, the Atari Remote Control VCS, Final Fantasy 7 Formation Chess Board

Prototype Atari VCS 2700, the Wireless Atari

Bill Aspromonte, the man who brought Stargate on the 2600, is selling his Atari 2700, received directly from Leonard Tramiel.
The Atari Remote Control VCS should have been published during 1981 but there was a symple problem: thanks to the huge working radius you could open garage doors and make other tricky stuff to electric devices.
I still can’t believe this auction is real, posted even by Radiac in our forum but impossible to miss.
Mr. Aspromonte has found some game samples too, so stay tuned!

Final Fantasy 7 Formation Chess Board, Leather Jacket and Cloud vs Sephirot figures

Very limited and expensive stuff!

RUBY/SPEARS SPACE ACE Size Comparison artwork

Other stuff:
Lots of store display from late 90s
PS1 and N64 demo VHS Tapes
Arrow Flash Genesis proto
Spiderman: The Animated Series Genesis proto
Doshin The Giant Demo 64DD
Korean Mega Drive/Genesis: Samsung Super Aladdin Boy posted by port187

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.

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