Creating A Gameroom

What was once my game room, has pretty much been turned into a storage room since my wife and myself had a kid. I realize too, It’s unlikely I’ll ever have a fully dedicated game room again. Unless we move to a bigger house (which won’t be for several years yet), every room has it’s purpose. In fact, if/when we have another kid, it’s either the storage/game room or my home office that has to go.

I’ve been thinking though, that I can turn it into a storage / rec room / game room pretty easily. The key? Organization.

I’m sure you’ve seen some amazing game rooms posted on Digg, DigitPress and other forums. While the ones that have stuff jammed everywhere do invoke a kind of jaw dropping awe, it’s the ones with massive amounts of highly organized stuff that really standout to me.

A couple bookshelves, some plastic tubs and a nice huge wall cabinet and you’ll be set. I realize that cabinet is meant for Garages, but that and a lot of the other shelving units they carry could work really well in a game room setting if done properly.

I’m not sure about the color, but a shelf like that would be amazing. I know people like to have their games immediately viewable, but I have a 8 month old son who will be older and have friends, two cats, a wife and a dog. Boxes can get smooshed easily if there left out in the open. The color dosen’t really matter that much, as most likely I’ll be doing a custom paint job, or hitting up my old sign job for some vinyl sticker printing.

Once I fabricate a couple extra shelves, drill a few holes in the rear for a console setup, it would be perfect.

wall cabinet

See the potential? (Ignore the shovel)

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