Dino Crisis Press Kit

Dino Crisis was a pretty good game for the Playstation. You never know when the dinosaurs will come out and scare the shit of out you. I was scared as hell. I wish there were more game like that today, cheap scares, overall good narrative, and best of all, it played just like Resident Evil. But like many other game publishers in this day and age, Capcom relies on sequels and prequels of their million seller games. Gone are the creativity and risk that game industry is pretty much built upon and in are corporate hungry sequels time and time again (Hello Street Fighter IV Infinite). If you read the recent comments of Keiji Inafune at a seminar in Kyoto, you’ll wish there was more people like him. It’s no wonder he left Capcom.

This press kit isn’t really anything special. But it is the first time i’ve seen one for the Dino Crisis franchise.

This auction is for the Dino Crisis 2 press kit as seen in the pictures. No game is included in this auction. The kit includes the original box , straw packing, VHS , press release and flyer.

Link to auction

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