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E3 Promo items

Some of the best and worst promotional items comes from E3 each year (like that Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess DS trailer cart).

Here are some of them (there used to be a whole lot of them each year)

Uncharted 2 Journal Book with 2 lanyards

Xbox 360 NATAL KINECT USB Press Kit

Wii Sports Resort Frisbee (3 left – 1 sold)

Powerstone 2 Paperweight

Gears of War 3 cards


Earthworm Jim, Fatal Fury 2, Killer Instinct, Psygnosis !, F-Zero GX, Sega Eternal Champions, Mega Man 15th Anniversary, Mega Man BattlenetworkSuper Street Fighter, Sega Saturn

Pamphlets / Books / Catalogs

E3 1996 Directory, 2005 & 2006 Exhibit Guide, Intellivision Classic Gaming Expo E3 2004, Square-Enix E3 2009 Catalog

If you’ve been to E3 in the past and as of late, what are some of your favorite freebies/shwags?

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Some Metal Gear Stuff

M2 Kiosk, N64 Sales Award