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Nintendo DS Lite – Special Pokemon Center Pikachu Edition

Nintendo DS Lite - Special Pokemen Center Pikachu Edition 1 While the DS has quite a few color variations over in Japan, one category has been notably overlooked: rainbow colors. Where’s the orange? Where’s the green?

Nintendo took care of one of the missing color variation with a little help from that most catchcable Pokemon of them all, Pikachu. This set was for sale at the Japanese Pokemon Center back in 2007. The system is yellow and includes a matching stylus. Pikachu’s face is printed on the bottom right corner of the cover.

The system retailed for the standard 16,800 yen DS Lite price point. Getting it however, was not easy. Nintendo and The Pokemon Company offered it for sale exclusively through a lottery system. I’m not sure about the release numbers, but no doubt it is comparably low to normal systems.

This statement by the seller is kind of irritating however: This item is Factory Sealed NEW.  I only removed it from the box to change the language to English and to make sure the unit powered on.

Mis-spelling of “Pokemen” might make the price slightly lower as well.

Nintendo DS Lite - Special Pokemen Center Pikachu Edition 2 Nintendo DS Lite - Special Pokemen Center Pikachu Edition 3



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