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Playstation Dev Tools & Some Dev Autographs

The seller lingjr_dot_com has 3 Playstation development tools for sale. I’ve seen some of these in the past but they’re usually very expensive.

Ps2 Linux JP Kit

SONY DTL-H2000C 1010 1080 PS Controller – x3 @ $39.99 ea.

DTL-H201A Artist Tool

Ps Linux VGA Adaptor

PS2 Branded Keyboard (i think these were the same keyboards bundled with the Linux kit for ps2)

You’ll probably find more of his stuff intriguing so check it his other listings.

other stuff:

Seller snickel8 has a few signed items:

Indy Racing 2000 N64, Terminator 3 for Gamecube (he has 10 of these) another one for the Xbox, Mission: Impossible Operation Surma, Stuntman Ignition for Ps2.


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