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Scribblenauts Swag & A Sealed 2600 Shipping Case

Scribblenauts is an amazing game, go play it.

There`s a cool auction up now with swag from the prelaunch event.

All the items in this auction were giveaways for the Scribblenauts prelaunch at the Nintendo World Store in NYC on September 13, 2009. This event took place two days before the actual launch of the game, so those who attended were able to get a copy of the game a couple days in advance.

All the items being offered in this auction were handed out by Nintendo employees. I am almost 100% sure that these were the only items offered to the public at this event (except a cupcake/cookie combo that I ate and a personalized picture in front of a Scribblenauts backdrop…I really don’t think anyone will be wanting a picture of me standing in front of a pterodactyl, nor would I want to give away such an awesome picture). I haven’t seen that they were available anywhere else.

This auction includes:

-Limited Edition Rooster Hat (This is the same hat that was given away as a bonus for preordering the game at GameStop. The preorder bonus and the hat from NYC are identical. This particular hat was from a preorder…I’m giving this one away because it had never been worn. There is an elastic band in the back which makes it able to fit pretty much any head size.)

-Scribblenauts Poster of Maxwell (The Nintendo Employee who was handing these out accidentally dropped this so it has a few dings on the side…such is life. Maxwell is made up completely of items from the game. ie: the very top part of his Rooster Hat is actually a Ferris Wheel)

-Scribblenauts Pad of P know you reaper & Pencil (Has a small ding on the side from being carried around. The pieces of paper on the inside look like the cover.)

-Scribblenauts YoYo (Still in the plastic and unopened!)

-Scribblenauts Pin (Says “Scribblenauts in stores 09/15/2009”)

Since I know you read this blog LimboFunk (the seller), I have two things to say.

One, I would be more enticed to bid If I would be receiving a cupcake/cookie combo and two, you need to post that personalized picture online.

Scribblenauts Nintendo NYC Rooster Hat



Atari 2600 Empire Strikes Back Sealed Case – I`ll be bidding on this one, so my sealed case collection can continue to grow. As of yet, I haven`t even seen any other 2600 sealed cases.

atari 2600 empire strikes back sealed case

50 Famicom Games Lot – Roughly $2.00 each shipped.

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