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Sealed Japanese PS1 Metal Gear

Yes, more Metal Gear stuff. Don’t worry, as these auction should be winding down soon.

This auction is for a sealed copy of the original Meta Gear on the Japanese Playstation 1.

The auction states:
This is by far rarer than MGS3 Subsistence: LE, MGS2 Substance (which recently closed at $430 yesterday) and any other Metal Gear title that was offered sealed. You can find those games on here at any time! Even MG2 for MSX is always listed.

This is a pretty true and valid point. While those games may be rarer themselves, they do tend to show up more than a sealed copy like this.

The seller seems to have quite the collection of Metal Gear items. Feel free to check out his website or his photo gallery if you’re a fan of the series.

metal gear solid ps1 psx jap sealed metal gear collection

Oh, and check out the photo to the right. Pictures like that in an auction are a sure way to make sure we feature your item.

Link ($499.99 BIN)


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