1700 SNES Boxes, Sealed Games & More

It’s time for me to clean out my watch list as it’s once again getting cluttered.

Sealed SNES Chrono Trigger

I believe this is the fourth one this year.

selaed super nintendo chrono trigger 

Sealed SNES Zelda link To The Past

sealed zelda link to the past

Super Mario Bros 1 & 2 Factory Sealed Combo Pack

Last discussed here and then sold for $800.00

super mario bros 1 and 2 blister combo pack

Sealed Turbo Duo

sealed turbo duo

Commodore Max

The Commodore MAX Machine, also known as Ultimax in the United States and VC-10 in Germany, was a home computer designed and sold by Commodore International in Japan.

The Commodore 64 manual mentions the machine by name, suggesting that Commodore intended to sell the machine internationally; however, it is unclear whether the machine was ever actually sold outside of Japan and remains relatively rare.

Although the MAX had better graphics and sound capability, Commodore’s own VIC-20, which sold for around the same amount of money ($200 US), was much more expandable, had a much larger software library, and had a better keyboard – all of which made it more attractive to consumers. Unlike the C-64, the MAX never sold well and was quickly discontinued.

Commodore Max Machine

40 In 1 Pirate NES cart

nes priate cart

1761 Empty SNES Boxes

Someone is going to make A LOT of money reselling this.

large snes box lot 

PS2 Demo Kiosk

ps2 demo kiosk

SMB Famibox Cartridge

smb famibox super mario bors


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