July 2008 Roundup

Once again I’m featuring a few things that were on my watch list, but didn’t make it to the site for one reason or another. This is an excellent opportunity to see what is selling, and if you’re like me you’ll be surprised at the prices for quite a few items.

363 Broken PS2 Consoles – $1,175.00

Apple II  Ultima II 5.25″ Version – $316.00

Atari 800 XL Ultima 1 – $306.99

Atari 2600 Unimex Video Game Duplicator – $255.98

Atari Crystal Castles Display – $190.50

Atari Lynx Cyber Virus CiniClassic Edition – $212.50

ColecoVision/Tabletop/ADAM Dealer’s Info Catalog – $388.00

Commodore Max Machine – $716.00

Final Fantasy 7 Pins – $51.00

Neo Geo Metal Slug 2 AES US – $1,152.00

NES Nintendo Sealed Castlevania (VGA 80) – $650.00

NES Nintendo Sealed Super Mario Bros. (VGA 85) – $900.00

There were actually a TON of VGA titles listed this week. I’ll be writing up a little something about the state of the market when it comes to collecting graded titles later this month.

NES Nintendo 161 Sealed Game Lot – $100,000.00

Nintendo DS Hot Summer Contest Handheld (Mario White) – $980.00

Turbo Duo Store Demo – $1324.99

Vectrex Derbis Exclusive Edition – $316.00

World Of Warcraft Unscratched Blizzcon 2005 Baby Murloc Card – $975.00


* Note, this is a repost, links should be fixed.

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