1981 GCE Vectrex “Game Time” Watch in original package

Here is a watch released in 1981 as a part of CGE’s series of game watches. CGE, the company who later created the Vectrex, released 3 different watches named “Game Time”, “Sports Time”, and “Arcade Time”.  This auction is for the Game Time watch. It even comes fresh in its original package.  Pretty fun piece of history, and cool swag for a Vectrex fan!

Auction here



GCE Arcade Time watch, missing band – 99 cents starting auction

1982 GCE Chase-N-Counter pocket calculator/LCD game – another neat item for a GCE/Vectrex collector

Atari Video Music Machine – An audio visualization machine created by Robert Brown of Atari/Pong fame in 1976.  These units were produced in very limited quantities.

 1970s Magnavox Odyssey 2 Game Bag – Neat vintage game sack, 15″ x 10.5″

Splatterhouse 2 and 3 Ads for Sega Genesis – Both 8″ x 10″

 5 NES Prototype/Unused Game Boxes – These were displayed on the wall at CES shows, hence why there’s nothing on the backs.

Mermaids of Atlantis for NES – Like Bubble Bath Babes?  This is the same game, minus the nudity (95% of people stop reading this by now).  All jokes aside, this is a fun little game in itself, sorta like Columns on Genesis, but for NES.  If you like puzzle games, try this one out without having to spend close to $1,000 for BBB (though I’m sure the nudity is tempting for many…)

Barker Bill’s Trick Shooting Promotional Prize Giveaway CIB – This was given out as a first place prize if you were 1 of 3 winners for a post card drawing contest.

Big Box Bible Adventures for PC – 5.25″ floppy version CIB with password sheet, great condition

GSN Game Show Network Atari 2600 Controller – This was a prize giveaway from GSN to promote their new show on video games.


Recently ended:

Atari 2600 Phoenix promo display









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