Autographed Mind In Revolt Book Bioshock Infinite Limited Edition

This book is #13 of an incredibly small edition of 15 autographed copies. It comes with a certificate from Irrational Games and is signed inside by authors Joe Fielder and Ken Levine, as well as artists Jorge Lacera and Zoe Brookes. There is no rarer artifact of Columbia than this.

Authored by Irrational Games writer Joe Fielder with creative director Ken Levine, BioShock Infinite: Mind in Revolt is a prequel to BioShock Infinite and provides insight into the mysterious sky-city of Columbia prior to the events of the game. Printed in full color, this hardcover book is bound in faux-leather paper and stamped with the official seal of the Comstock House Re-Education Center. Featuring artwork by Jorge Lacera and Zoe Brookes, approximately 48 pages long and decorated with concept art as well as inked illustrations, Mind in Revolt is a true artifact of Columbia.

There were only 40 unsigned copies of this made, and 15 signed editions. Quite a rarity.

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