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Bioshock 2 ARG Promo: Rapture Records

On the tail of the Bioshock Wine we have this Promotional LP.

ARG stands for alternate reality game, something thats become rather popular for promoting new games in the past several years (think Halo and the I Love Bess campaign).

Basically, the game involves a man who begins doing research into a number of girls being abducted by a creature that eventually is revealed to be the Big Sister.

This record was received after sending a letter to Mark Meltzer, the main character, who then sent the record back in reply to a request for information. This seems much rarer than the Bioshock 2 Wine, as significantly less have shown up.

One side of the record features the Rapture anthem from the origional Bioshock while the other side has the same tune but interrupted by a message from the main character’s missing daughter.

Very cool item if you’re a fan of the Series. Its not as awesome as the burnt drawing that Kotaku and other sites got, it’s a very cool (and creepy) promo that I haven’t seen for sale yet.


Bioshock 2 ARG Promo Rapture Records LP

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