Christmas Contest Day 5 Voting – Get Creative

Time to vote for the design you deem best!

Simply create a T-Shirt or alternative logo for gameSniped! Use your l33t photoshop skills or even scan in a doodle you made on a napkin. Best overall design wins!

Winner gets two T-Shirts of their choice from Split Reason – the best site for video game themed Tees! Second prize gets their choice of one.


Note, in theory it may be possible to vote more than once. Don’t. IPs and user accounts etc. are logged. Attempts to cheat can and will result in disqualification. Also, due to requests, you can’t view results before voting.

1. Matthijs Geertjes – “Lock On”


2. Bert Hazelhof – “Old School Soldier”

gamesnipped 001

3. Drew Wise – “Steamline”


4. Deniz Kah – “R.O.B Sniping”


5. Robert Brandin – “Crosshairs”



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