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Custom Fallout 3 Power Armour Figure

Fallout3Legends_Strip We’ve featured Jim Santomes auctions before, and this one is no less stunning than his usual work.

This auction is for a custom made 6″ tall Fallout 3 Power Armor figure with battle rifle and display base. He has 27 points of articulation and can be put in to all sorts of post-apocalyptic poses. The Power Armor is scaled to fit in with your existing Marvel Legends scale figures and will look perfect in your display case next to them or on your desk.

In the future man’s ability to survive will be tested. The vaults will be opened and it will be time to reclaim the earth. Where will you stand? What will you use to protect yourself? Enter the Power Armor, your last best hope to survive in the wasteland that was once earth. This Power Armor has been meticulously painted with tons of weathered shading, rusty detailing, oily splotches, and metallic shading. This is the figure that’s featured in my new Metallic/worn armor painting guide on my site as well. There’s hand sculpted detail all over him and you can pose him on the battle-ravaged display base with his battle rifle in hand. This is a one-of-a-kind figure never to be made again and will show up in a future issue of Playstation Magazine. So, ready to test the radioactive elements? Know a friend who loves to down a Nukacola before loading up? Then don’t pass this auction up!!



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