Coming soon to a game store near you: Skyrim Statues

Bethesda promoted the crap out of Fallout 3 before it came out. One of the promotional items I could remember from that game was the statue (seen here through Google images). It was a bad ass statue. I remember even Nintendo putting out a statue for Link to promote the Twilight Princess games and so does Microsoft for Halo. Hardly anyone does statues anymore. They are bulky and you just never know what to do with it afterwards and most just gets thrown in the trash. I don’t know how much the Halo or the Fallout 3 statues go for on eBay but I could only imagine its worth a pretty penny. I do know that the Link statue sells for over $2,000..

With Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the horizon for another major fall release, Bethesda teased everyone with this life size statue of Dovahkiin soon to be unleashed. I’m sure this one will be listed on eBay after the game comes out. Check out the Flickr photos.D

via Bethesda’s Blog

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