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GameBoy Dump List for 5/22/2011

I’ve had some of these on my watchlist for too long now.. time to clean up.. some of them are over the top though

Tommy Hilfiger Yellow GBC – i sold one of these last year for $100

Target Edition GBA – this ones got a battery cover, most of the time it doesn’t.

Sealed Shantae

LE Pink GBA SP Boxed – and another one


Yedigun GBC Sealed

Astroboy GameBoy Light – you can get one of these on Yahoo Japan auctions cheaper.

Clear Gameboy Light

Sealed Castlevania Legends – this used to be worth over $700. like always, ebay happened.

Pokemon Center (NY) GBA – cheap! here’s a gold GBC (14hrs left) another for $100

Blister Pack GB Micro Bundle – this probably would have been sold on one of those warehouse stores like Costco or Sam’s Club.

last but not least, a nice boxed GBA SP LE NES Edition



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