Happy Meal Displays

It’s always nice to see these displays. These things are so rare hardly any of them ever survived. But luckily these two did.

Super Mario Bros. 3 Happy Meal Display

Link posted this back in 2008. I’m not sure how much the figure were on these but judging from the comments, the seller probably had a high Buy It Now price. This recent listing belongs to a seller venom691000. Maybe he was able to buy the one Link posted? It’s hard to say. According to the seller, the box is in “good to great” shape with some minor wear.

Anyways, here’s the commercial for it to refresh your memory

Link – 3 offers so far, BIN for $175

Take the Challenge! Happy Meal Toy Display

These set of Happy Meal toys came out on September 2006 in the U.S. which includes Mario Swing and Hit, Yoshi Tag and Run Meter, Donkey Kong Banana Chaser, Yoshi Pop and Catch, Mario Throw and Catch ball, and the Donkey Kong Throw and Go Spinner disc. I actually remember these and I think we had that Mario Tennis hammer for the longest. Unlike the one above, this set doesn’t have a cover so the toys are exposed. Normally these Happy Meal displays would be covered to prevent anyone from stealing them since they’re for display purposes only.

The commercial below is epic. It’s too bad these toys were kinda lame though..

2 Days to go, show us your sniping skillz.

Other related:

In 2008, Burger King had their own set of toys which were a lot better than the Take the Challenge! toys from McDonalds.

Burger King also had other Mario toys back in 2003 called “Nintendo Superstars”. It featured a contest called “Search for the Golden Toy” in which 10,000 randomly selected bags were seeded with a golden toy. The lucky kids who found them wins a brand new Nintendo Game Boy Advance title with a retail value of $45 to $55.

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