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Lots Of Nice NES Stuff

There’s a whack of nice games up on eBay right now that would be an excellent addition to any collection, especially if you’re on the road to a complete NES set.

stadium events ntsc nesFirst off, there’s yet another Stadium Events. There have been a surprisingly high amount of these  lately, probably brought out of the woodwork by the high prices that may have gained some additional attention.

eBay seller djbenzsl has a lot of nice sealed items. Highlights I haven’t seen many times include a sealed Trolls on Treasure Island and several sealed Black box games.

nes sealed trolls on treasure island

eBay seller topol777 has tons of rare games listed in their store. From staples like Flintstones: Surprise at Dino Peak, Bubble Bobble Part 2, Little Samson and more. They’ve also got several repos and tons of unlicensed stuff.






nes hammerin harry pal eBay seller vide_gamers has lots of nice PAL Exclusives. Which includes my favorite named game of all time, Hammerin’ Harry.

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