Mass Effect inspired Nerf gun

A few days ago while browsing the Nerf section at Toys R Us, I wondered, why haven’t these guys make replica guns from video games? If you’re not familiar with Nerf, they make everything from gatling guns, to bow and arrows, to swords and shields. It’d be nice to see Gears of War Lancers and Dead Space weapons made out of Nerf guns..

Mass Effect has some of the coolest looking futuristic weapons in video games. A prop maker on Etsy (BCJFLA76) made this awesome Mass Effect inspired Nerf Gun. The gun itself is a modified Stampede Nerf Gun which retails for about $60. The seller is asking $249 for this item and upto 2 weeks delivery time. By the way these guns look, I don’t think anyone would mind the wait.

This is the NERF Stampede. Fully automatic rifle with a 6 round magazine, but includes an 18 round long magazine, also painted in black with metallic accents.. You will own the battlefield with this! Gun is fully fuctional, but you may spend more time just displaying it and showing your friends what a nerf gun should look like! 🙂 If you do take this outside, you MUST have an orange tip added. I sell these as film props and collector’s items.

via Kotaku

You can view other works by this seller on his Deviantart page.

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