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Mega Man Costume, PlayStation DTL-H2700

PlayStation Development DTL-H2700 working
…While other development systems merely allowed to execute and debug programs on Playstation hardware, none gave developers a chance to see what actually happens inside the machine, what the processors are really doing, how memory is being accessed, whether there was cache hit or miss. DTL-H2700 for the first time included the ability to observe almost all signals in real time as they occurred inside the Playstation machine. DTL-H2700, includes all Playstation hardware plus 8MB of memory for debugging purposes instead of 2MB, just like other Playstation development systems…. …Hence the name of this development system: “Performance Analyzer” – it is a Playstation Development System WITH Performance Analyzer.

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ONE-OF-A-KIND Megaman Costume used by Capcom
Darius Alpha

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