Nintendo M82 Store Display Demo Kiosk with Full Size Arcade-style Cabinet

This thing is nice. I can’t imagine it is going to end cheap, and it’s going to be a bitch to ship.

For those who aren’t familiar with the M82, it was an in-store demo system used by Nintendo to let people try out games. The cool thing about this is that it has twelve cartridge slots, so the store could have different games loaded in their demo machine – customers could cycle through the different games without needing to have them removed and replaced with a new game. There was also a timer built in to it to keep kids from hogging the machine all day.

I don’t think I have to tell you how rare this is – the M82 by itself is pretty difficult to come by, but the cabinet that goes with it almost never shows up.

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Intellivision 2609 System New In Box For Promotion Only Orginal Brown Model 1 – Still sealed. Apparently has has stickers on both sides that say for promotion only not for retail sale.
Original Nintendo Game Boy Store Demo Countertop Kiosk – The kiosk was originally set up to demo an original Game Boy system, but the original Game Boy has been replaced with a silver (well-played) Game Boy Pocket and Super Mario Land 2. The decals on the front are advertising the Game Boy Pocket, however the seller believes the original decals are right underneath the Game Boy Pocket decals.
Nintendo Game Boy Pocket Store Display Demo Kiosk – Another one! This includes a special Game Boy Pocket that has been modified to send its image to a TV through a special piece of hardware called a Demovision, the demovision itself (inside the kiosk), a black and white monitor, a copy of Tetris, the key, and the kiosk itself.
Custom Painted Nintendo Gamecube Console – Nothing crazy, but very clean and nice. Professionally painted using a base coat + clear coat system with automotive paint. A window on the top has been installed so that you can see the disc inside as well as the laser seeking. There are 2 blue LED’s inside the disc bay which looks really nice in the dark as the disc spins. The power LED has been changed from red to a soft blue. The input panel at the front of the console has been custom painted.
Random Famicom Prototype
Factory Boxed Brand New Super Nintendo (SNES) PAL Consoles – Like sealed games? How about Factory Boxes of sealed systems?
Philips CDi Mini System Tower / CD-I FW 380 i – Very rare CDI model. Good chance to get it cheap as inside the RAM chip is a storage battery which has to be replaced.
Custom Built SNES Portable – On NA. It’s actually a system and screen built into a hard travel case.
Escape From Monkey Island Promotional Coasters In a Faux Coconut Half Shell
Sony Playstation ps1 Clock Employee 5 year service award – This clock is RARE as only Sony Employees were given these. The clock is made of high polished plastic and has the sony playstation 1 logo and control pad symbols.
The Legend Of Zelda : Ocarina Of Time Cartridge Case – Shelf display / holder.
Atari 2600 Joust Prototype – Lab label.
Sega Best Of The Best Karate Proto – Cheap. PAL. Uncovered EPROMS.
PS1 Silent Hill 3 Original Soundtrack Limited Edition
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time Nintendo DS Bonus Explorer’s Guide Included – It’s like DS Big Box! Woo!
Nintendo Original Gameboy Development Cartridge – The game image or binary file would be burned to an erasable 32pin EEPROM and then plugged into this cartridge for testing.
Nintendo Gamecube NR Reader
Nintendo Gamecube RED NPDP Reader
Net Yaroze PS1 Rare DTL-H3001 Charcoal
SNES Mario Paint & Donkey Kong 64 lenticular promo Pins/Badges – Mario Paint and Donkey Kong 64 promotional pin that were worn by Target employees back in the day. These pins are lenticular pins that display “ASK ME ABOUT!” and the image you see in the photos.
HITMAN ABSOLUTION Promotional Necktie and Tie clip
Manhunt Piggsy Collectible Statue Limited Edition / Rare – Never sold, this is an original, unopened collectible given as a gift to celebrate the launch of Manhunt. One of only 500 made. Fully anatomically correct as he appeared in the game and sculpted by world-famous Gentle Giant.

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