Nintendo NES Authorized Service Manual & Training Tapes Sale

When Nicola mentioned these awhile back I figured these would sell for at least $500. I grossly underestimated how much someone would want these though, as they sold for a cool $1,120.00.

A few other nifty sales lately:

Takara Nintendo Donkey Kong Country Model Kits – Sold For $210
Super Mario 2 Mug – Sold for $41
Battletoads Bend Ems Set – Sold for $61
Chain Chomp Soccer Ball – Sold for $34.95 (This thing is sweet).
Very Weird Mario Painting – Sold for $23.50
Lot of 8 Sealed NES Willows – Sold for $261
NES M82 – Sold for $3,050
Nintendo Power Candy Dish – Sold for $29.99
Super Mario Brothers 20th Anniversary Miyamoto Mousepad – Sold for $2,025.00. These were hand numbered and limited to 100 copies.
Ninja Five-O GBA Game Boy Advance Complete – Sold for $71


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