Nintendo World Championships 1990 VIP Badges, Atari 2600 Exchange Only Systems & More

It’s time to clean out my watch list once more. Some nice stuff here, many submitted by our loyal readers. Remember, if you send me something I will most likely plug it for you.

Time Crisis 4 Game Crazy Shirt

12 XBOX 360 Kiosk Discs (Thanks Damon – Skaarg!)

Nintendo Gameboy Cleaning Kits Case of 6 MIB Sealed – You know me and my shipping cases.

Green Debug Gamecube

Case Of 5 New Service Exchange Only Atari 2600 Systems – This is a whole case of “Service Exchange Only” Atari 2600 4 switch systems. The systems are deck only and do not contain power supplies or controllers. They are numbered 9-13, they are factory reconditioned and were sent back to the dealer or department store and never used to this day, they are very nice and minty reconditioned fresh, the original shipping box is included and is marked (Atari US Corp 390 Caribbean Dr Sunnyvale Ca 94086) with a return address of (1312 Crossman sunnyvale CA 94086 dated 11/19/84).

NOS NES Turbo Blasters – $25 + Ship Each on NA

Nintendo World Championships 1990 VIP Badges

Nintendo World Championships (NWC) 1990
These are my own personal VIP Badges that I got for being a Semi-Finalist at the
Minneapolis / St. Paul NWC. The Semi-Finals took place on Sunday, June 3, 1990.
(I believe that date is correct, because I remember it was the same day that Mikhail
Gorbachev visited Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN, and the freeway was closed down.)
The only way to obtain these badges was to qualify for the Semi-Finals. That meant
reaching the 7-player “stage” area, and achieving a qualifying score while on stage.
Qualifying took place Friday & Saturday, and the Semi-Finals were on Sunday night.
You needed these VIP Badges for admittance & participation at the event that night.
These have to be pretty rare. They were designed as temporary, disposable badges
to be peeled off and thrown away after use. I decided to preserve these two badges
by removing them after use, and sticking them back-to-back. They’ve held up pretty
good over all these years. I would imagine that most of them were trashed after use.
These VIP Badges are made of a tight, smooth white fabric with an adhesive backing.
The Black “X” is normal on the Semi-Finalist badge – they marked it during the start
of competition, and I’ve seen photos of others with a similar Black “X” or other mark.


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