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Phantom Air Mission CIB PAL NES Game For Sale

I survived my trip intact. Regrettably, unlike Nicola I did not appear on national TV.

Anyways, this is the Licensed PAL Version (Spanish) of the North American game Flight of the Intruder. Not a great game by a long shot.

So why does it warrant a mention? I`m going to quote a hardcore PAL NES Collector (Cauterize) from NintendoAge on this one:

Just a note to anyone collecting PAL games, any chance you get to get hold of this or Snowboard Challenge or RC Pro AM II, then do it! These three are quickly becoming the PAL equivalent of the NWC. It wouldn’t suprise me if they start going four quadruple figures soon, so don’t leave it too late…

At one point he was offering $950+ himself for this game, so that`s a pretty decent starting point for value.

Phantom Air Mission CIB PAL NES

Email the seller here.

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