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Sega Treamcast

Sega Treamcast ScreenIf you’ve never heard of it, the Treamcast is a third-party developed Dreamcast clone from China. With a fold-down display, it almost resembles the revised PSOne. The system can read CD-Rs and play MP3s and VCDs. It also contains pirated Dreamcast firmware, enabling it to play pirate and import Dreamcast games. Sega accused the company of copyright violations and was able to halt production of the system.

Also, despite its origins in Hong Kong, the Treamcast houses an American power supply. It will also take original Dreamcast controllers, 3rd party controllers, and the unique controllers which come with it.Sega Treamcast

The screen is a modified PlayStation screen manufactured onto a miniaturized Dreamcast body. It is not available direct from Hong Kong any more, but can most likely be found on eBay for around $150 – $299. There are apparently a few online shop still with some supplies left as well.

The newest and last edition came in a black casing, with a slightly improved display, and an original Dreamcast controller.

They’re nifty little systems and seem to be getting hard and harder to find. However, there’s one on eBay right now for a $288.84 BIN.


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