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Super Sweet Boo Plush

mario-boo-plushie Does anyone collect gaming plushies? I’d love to see a massive├é collection shot. I just picked up one of these 6″ Mario Boo Plushies for $14.00 shipped and if it’s as awesome as I hoped, I’ll be looking for more.


Castlevania 4 Figure Sealed Set
Resident Evil 5 Snowglobe

Resident Evil Achieves Book

Mother 3 Preorder Keychain

Super Famicom Fire Emblem: Trachia 776 Deluxe Pack
(On Play Asia – Woo for plushies!)
Brazillian NES Cart Lot

Massive $2000.00 Nintendo Test Center Collection (NintendoAge)

Also, I have a massive collection of random stuff up for sale on the forum. Last time I moved, I promised my wife the NEXT time we moved, I’d take nothing with me that I didn’t really need/want. I’ve been selling off stuff here and there since then, but still have a ton of stuff left. My loss is your gain. There’s some nice little gems here and there in this list, and I’m sure there’s a lot of common stuff that can be used to fill holes or for resale.


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