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    Peter Moore & J Allard XBOX 360 Launch Items

    November 20, 2005 – History was made in the Mojave desert. Microsoft officially launched the Xbox 360 console during a 2-day event called, “Zero Hour”. Hosting the activities were J Allard and Peter Moore – both of whom have since moved on. Peter Moore previously launched the Sega Dreamcast and now runs EA Sports. J […] More

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    XBOX 360 Consoles For Kids Charity Auction

    To celebrate the sale of 1 million XBOX 360 consoles across Australia and New Zealand, Microsoft Australia is auctioning off one-of-a-kind consoles to raise funds for the David Peachey Foundation (helps out indigenous kids from rural and remote areas that excel or show potential in rugby). The systems feature custom airbrushed paint jobs of celebrities […] More

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    XBOX 360 Slim

    At E3 earlier this week, Microsoft officially announced the new XBOX 360 Slim. Basically a slimmer, quieter XBOX 360. Attendees to the announcement press conference were given a free unit, and it was announced systems would start shipping immediately to be be available on store shelves before week’s end. I’m curious if we might see […] More

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    Signed 360 Merchandise On Auction For Charity

    Seller GoodGameMedia is selling signed 360 merchandise on behalf of Childs Play Charity, a global charity dedicated to improving the lives of children in over 60 hospitals worldwide. Items on auction include: Mass Effect 2Â signed by Bioware staff Halo 3 controller signed by Bungie staff Fear 2 faceplate signed by Warner Bros / Monolith […] More

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    BioShock Adam Extractor Syringe

    Pretty nifty handmade replica. Here is an Adam Extractor I made from different materials including but not limited to, a Vintage Brass Gas Pump Nozzle, Steel, Glass, Plastic, Rubber, Aluminium, and ADAM “not really, its petroleum jelly that has been tinted”. It is not a toy to be played with but an item to display. […] More

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    Fallout Three & Interplay Promo Items

    I am a self admitted Fallout fanboy. Expect me to showcase everything I find as the release date for the third installment grows closer. E3 apparently brought some new promo items out for the game. Up on eBay now is an empty Bottle of Nuka Cola and a very unique SimTek 1000 Viewmaster. Nuka Cola […] More